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How to Make Extra Rs 30,000 per month by selling mobile cases using drop shipping model?

by Vinay Mediratta September 05, 2020

How to Make Extra Rs 30,000 per month by selling mobile cases using drop shipping model?

What if you could earn extra Rs 30,000 per month without leaving your house and while doing your current job? Which dream this extra earning fulfil for you? What if you could start your own e-commerce business without making any upfront investment in stock? Yes that’s possible and in this article I will show you how.

First let me tell you what drop shipping model is & how it works

Do you know what drop shipping is? Don’t worry I will tell you.

It is a model of Selling first & buying later, sounds different! Wait don’t get confused, let me share with you in simple terms.

The process works like this, you sell first. Only after you get the order, you buy that product & have it delivered it to your customers.

Yes that’s how this drop shipping model works; you never need to care about the stocks. 

Now you must be wondering from where you will arrange the products which you want to sell to your customer. That’s where Print Ship comes as your friend and does the job of printing, packing and shipping the order to your customers.

Check the diagram below to understand the process fully.

How Drop Shipping Works

You can start your business of selling mobile cases & cover, even if you are doing a job. This article is dedicated to smart person like you who is motivated & invest your time wisely to achieve more in life.

Let’s see how the maths works to help you earn extra Rs 30,000 per month with an example:

Your Selling Price

Rs 300

-          Less Product Price (with Motivator Plan)

Rs 100

-          Less Shipping Cost (Average)

Rs 50

-          Less Marketing Cost (Estimated)

Rs 50

Your Profit

Rs 100 per cover


 To earn a total profit of Rs 30,000 in a month, you just need to sell 10 mobile covers in a day. The great thing is that you don’t need to buy even a single cover till you first make a sale.

If you are super smart, you can start offering Screen Guards and Mobile Grips as add on. This will help multiply your profits, without anything extra in terms of shipping or marketing cost.

Here are some of the places where you can start selling:

  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Your own website
  • One to one to your friends and family members
  • In Offline stores

Even you have existing online or offline business, you can start earning extra without adding any extra inventory or without any upfront investment.

So... now you know how you can earn extra Rs 30,000 or more per month with drop shipping of mobile phone cases. Reply to this article and share which dream you will fulfil with this extra earning.

Start Selling Today. AUR KAMA LE YAAR! 

Vinay Mediratta
Vinay Mediratta

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