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November 04, 2022 4 min read

Starting a new job can be an exciting but overwhelming experience, and an employee welcome kit can help to make the transition easier. A welcome kit is a collection of items that are given to new employees when they start at a company, and it can include everything from company materials and communication tools to office supplies and company swag.

One way to make your employee welcome kit stand out is to customize the items included. This can help to create a personal touch and make the new employee feel truly welcomed and valued. There are many options for customizing office essentials, and one place to find a wide range of options is

Why send a welcome kit to new employees

Although it seems simple, a welcome package adds a personal touch to the beginning of a new employee's journey with your business.

It increases the enthusiasm associated with beginning a new job and establishes the standards for what this new team member can anticipate from your organisation.

A welcome kit creates a tangible, favorable first impression of your company culture, especially now when many teams are working remotely or hybrid owing to the epidemic.

What should be in a welcome package for new employees?

Consider your welcome package as an extension of the principles that guide your business or as a means to show your new coworker how much you value their addition.

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift of surprises? Absolutely, including branded business items like office tools.

Just make sure to mix the utility with the enjoyment when adding branded coffee mugs or stickers to your own kits.

As you create your own, here are a few suggestions for new hire welcome kits to get you started.

 1. A congratulatory letter

Start off with a personal observation. Your new hire will feel excited to join the company if you add small touches like a handwritten note from the department manager or your CEO. It also demonstrates your support for them personally and professionally as they start the onboarding procedure.

 2. A welcome package for employees

Include some of the logistical details for your new hire's start date and where to report, any paperwork they need to review before starting, and who their main point of contact will be prior to their first day on the job.

If you're onboarding someone remotely, make careful to explain what access they'll need and which communication apps they should download first.

Alternatively, if they are reporting to the office, provide directions on where to park and who to contact when they arrive.

3. Clothes, Hoodies, and T-Shirts

It's no surprise that branded merchandise is also a great way to welcome and integrate your new hire into your team because it's a fun method to develop team culture and establish your corporate identity. Shirts and hoodies are always entertaining and practical for team-building exercises, whether they take place in person or online.

You can brand and create your own team store with Printship, with anything from t-shirts to totes. You can make many designs using the on-demand printing services provided by our partners without having to worry about keeping an excessive amount of inventory. When you're done, the item will be printed and mailed directly to your new hire via the Printship platform after you choose the item and size.

4. Tech Accessories

While your employer may offer bigger products like laptops or extra displays, think about enhancing your kit with minor tech accessories or office supplies as well. Sometimes the most essential items—from headphones to mousepads—are the most enjoyable. Giving your workforce the opportunity to customize their technology anyway they choose, you can also include stickers bearing your business' logo or funny pop culture stickers. and those you would love to receive as a gift but wouldn't buy yourself.

With Printship, you can also order in bulk if your marketing team would want to have those products ready for events.

5. Wellness Items

Many teams place a high priority on wellness, including both mental and physical health. While Printship can motivate your staff to move with online games and step challenges, think about giving water bottles to recent hires as well.

6. "User Guides" for team members

Giving new team members a more in-depth understanding of their coworkers is a fantastic method to make them feel welcomed! Write brief bio about team members' personalities and communication styles, then assemble them into a welcome page. During onboarding, ask new hires to submit their own bios.

As a kind of "get to know you" cheat code for new team members, think of "User Guides"! These manuals will be a fantastic resource going future for team communication.

Bonus: Feel Free to Send a Small Welcome Gift Before They Start

Before they ever enter the office or log into the company Slack, make new employees feel welcome. Anything modest with a customized letter is a kind gesture and says a lot. It doesn't have to be something big.

Printship likes to welcome new hires with a note and a gift card before their first day on the job. For joining us, we like to say "Sip Sip Hurray!"

Please let us know if you're looking for more ways to keep your new hires interested during the onboarding process, such as check-in surveys or welcome kits. We'd love to talk!